Life Coaching is about you. It's about taking time for yourself. It's being compassionately aware of where you are now as well as where you would like to be. It's playfully creating, being and showing up in the world as the best version of you. It's about taking small sweet steps.

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About you

You have achieved and succeeded in one or more areas of your life. You're clever, good fun, creative, motivated and an action taker. There are things in your life that you are grateful for and proud of. However there is more you'd like to achieve.

The benefits

Would any, or all, of the following benefits be of interest?

Increase your life satisfaction

Brain science suggests that we all have an instinctual 'purpose' and meaning. Knowing and living these has the ability to fill our lives with a genuine sense of satisfaction.

Build emotional resilience

Creativity builds emotional resilience. In turn this helps dealing with the effects of stress as well as bringing physical and mental health benefits.

Achieve your goals

Having a big dream, vision and goal can feel amazing. The creation is great, but can you finish too? Think about your inner and outer world, are you getting the results you would like? If not, learn four steps to success.

Improve your inner and outer world

Your beliefs and values are powerful and determine how you 'see' your internal and external worlds. If you genuinely believe people are kind you will come across kind people. It's one, of many, cognitive biases our minds have. Imagine truly believing in your self-worth and value, what would you do that you haven't already?

Befriend your inner critic

Our brains just want to look after us. When you listen to your inner mind chatter this doesn't always feel true. Understanding more about how your brain works is key. As is the consistent use of simple and proven techniques which will increase the number of helpful thoughts, and therefore feelings of well-being.

Choose your feelings

Being willing to experience any feeling will set you free. You also get to choose from moment to moment how you would like to feel.

How we'll work together

During our 1-2-1 Life Coaching sessions we will explore and map all the different areas of your internal and external worlds to understand where you are now. This is done with compassionate awareness, there is no blame, shame, guilt, justification or judgement. There will also be fun and playfulness. This philosophy is applied throughout.

About me

I'm learning and evolving. Sometimes I think I'm fab, sometimes I think I'm useless. Sometimes I do an amazing job, sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I think I look great, sometimes I think I don't. Sometimes I'm proud of myself, sometimes I'm really not. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm anxious.


I regularly add new podcasts, guided audios and handouts so please check in when you can.

Complimentary discovery call

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and exploring where you are now as well as who you want to be in the future.